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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ik zeg 't vast nog 100 keer...

Maar vergeet 't nu gewoon de 1e keer niet:

Greg Laswell!

Amerikaanse singersongwriter met niet al te vrolijke pianodeuntjes. Speelde afgelopen Hotel Cafe Tour (bekend hier vanwege Tom McRae) ook een paar nummers in Tivoli. Jammer genoeg was z'n cdtje allang en breed uitverkocht (zelfs de cd-r-versie).

Iemand schreef dit op Youtube bij een filmpje over hem:
Greg Laswell is already a critic's darling, and with the right marketing his second album will give him a proper shove into the mainstream. Through Toledo is an impressive collection of densely lyrical, deeply melodic indie pop that refuses to settle into predictability. Laswell — on guitar, piano, drums, and production — is clearly more than just another singer-songwriter. - Jonathan Zwickel -
Aanraders: What a day (!), High and Low, Embrace me... maar de rest is zeker ook meer dan prima!

Ook prachtige teksten (Embrace me):
O wind, won't you sweep me up into the sky
So I can get a better look
At this life of mine
And pick me up and twist me
Around so I can see
Everything around me now

O won't you embrace me

O river won't take me
Out into the sea
So I can get a good look back
At the land that grounds me
and then a little further out
So I can feel alone
Much more than I have these days

O then won't you embrace me
O won't you embrace me

I figure there is time
Later on to move along
From this there is time
Enough of it for right or wrong
I figure there is time
So go easy on me
And let me stay here a while
Stay here awhile

O wind won't you take me up to the sky
I can get a good look down at this life of mine
River won't you take me out and to the sea
I can get a good look back at the land that grounds me

Land that grounds me

Of kijk gewoon even hier:
What a day (maar vind de cd-versie wel wat mooier):

Do what I can:

Embrace Me:

High and Low:

Ben er elke keer weer diep van onder de indruk...

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